Our Mission is to give Mt. Pleasant the most delicious, most authentic, and most diverse Pizza experience a person can possibly have in South Carolina. Quit simply, our mission is to be the BEST Pizza place around.


We aim to bring Charleston true New York City pizza, just like you would find in Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and the Bronx. Mt. Pleasant deserves to have a real, authentic New York City Pizzeria EXACTLY the way its done in big apple boroughs, not pizzerias that attempt to mimic NYC ┬ĘStyle.”

We will also be using the same exact recipes from NYC Pizzeria’s. Those recipes came to Charleston when Sabatino Covollo opened “Sabatino’s Pizza” Downtown On Calhoun Street in 2010. Now, those same recipes are being mastered and served to our customers at Pizza Prospero. Since we have NYC groomed Pizza chefs, fully equipped with attitude problems and great hair, there can be no better, more authentic and just darn delicious Pizza than what we produce.


The Owners of Pizza Prospero, Tony and Anna Stelluti, are both NYC natives who moved down from NY in 2014. They are the proud owners of Coastal Plumbing but wanted to open a more romantic business. Once they found the perfect location as well as their ideal Pizza Consultant – Sabatino Covollo, then everything fell into place and their dream of owning a great restaurant took form.

Sabatino helped the two hard working owners create what today has already been called “The best Pizza in South Carolina” by dedicated patrons. The development of the menu was especially important due to Tony, Ana and Sabatino’s NYC and European roots. Most Pizza places in the area have Pizza, of course, but are very limited on Appetizers, Salads, Desserts, Coffees, and Wine selections. On the menu at Pizza Prospero, the heading “Italian Street Food” encompasses all of the family orientated recipes that came directly from NYC Pizzerias and the urban centers of Italian towns. For Example, just like in Naples, the Fried Calzone is to die for.

The Pizzas themselves were created with stunning detail in order to make each one of them special in their own way, yet keep integrity by sticking to the NYC rules for Pizza construction. For example, we transformed a traditional Italian appetizer served cold – Melon and Prosciutto – into a hot delicious Pizza featuring Prosciutto Di Parma, fresh slices Cantaloupe and a Black Truffle Glaze. Hopefully, you will join us on this amazing culinary journey as we aim to take you back to the Bronx when you bite into our Pizza.